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To ask a question or bring forward a concern, you can contact the executive by email here.

Sign up for the Email Registry

Your executive meets monthly to discuss and assess a wide variety of neighbourhood issues and concerns, many of which require representation at Council or policy responses. As your elected representatives, we advocate and report on your behalf. In order to make informed decisions, we endeavour to contact residents most impacted by development or policy changes. This often difficult and time-consuming process often involves extra meetings, door knocking, phone calls or delivering of target bulletins.

As electronic mail is the quickest way to get information out to our members, we are starting an email registry. If you would like to receive timely bulletins and electronic versions of our newsletters,
please click here to send us an email.

Alternately, you can print off this form, fill it out and drop it off personally at one of the addresses listed at the bottom.
Here is the Registration Form.


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