And other forms of involvement, participation and volunteering

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All North Quadra local area residents are eligible to become registered members. You are encouraged to join our society! And if you are not eligible, you can still sign up to be a "follower".

Membership is free (but you are very welcome to make a donation). Members receive seasonal email updates. And, of course, members can vote when attending our Annual General Meeting (AGM), etc. If you still have questions you can email

Can non-members get involved?

Yes! Local minors, business owners, staff at workplaces such as schools in the area, volunteers with groups such as PACs, Lakehill youth sports, etc., can get involved on Committees. In future, we may introduce a "sponsors" programme, e.g. for local businesses to donate to support us.

I am a member, and I want to get MORE involved.

Awesome! Members can also serve on Committees and even the Board. If there isn't a committee dedicated to your passion yet, be warned, you may be asked to chair it once we strike it.

Lots of folks over the years "ease in" by becoming "Directors at Large" on our Board. Over time, these folks often become our Executive Officers.

Coming out of the pandemic, we would like to see more folks get involved, e.g. helping to co-ordinate and support neighbourhood and community initiatives, such as block parties, BBQs, concerts, fundraisers, joint efforts between Strata Councils, PACs and arts/sports groups, etc.