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Where we are. Who we are. How we operate.

Where is "North Quadra"?

Sometimes known as "High Quadra" incl. 'Lakehill', 'Rogers/Lily/Kincaid', 'Beckwith', 'Tuxedo', 'Christmas Hill', 'North Douglas / Dieppe', etc., we are a local area in Saanich, BC, noted for our highly residential character surrounding such public amenities as: Beckwith Park, Lochside Trail, Saanich Works Yard, Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, and more!

  • East of the Pat Bay / West of Blenkinsop Valley

  • North of McKenzie / South of Broadmead

Map of the North Quadra Local Area
(check out these
Google directions to circumnavigate NQ by bicycle)

Am I a resident? Am I a member?

Membership is free to all residents of our local area. Participation in meetings and committee projects does not require residency nor membership, but if you qualify, please join! Joining keeps you better informed, and allows you to vote at meetings.
If you have any questions,
Contact Us for more information.

What's going on?

Lots! Get informed (and get involved!) - learn more on our News & Events page.

Also, check out the social media plugins on the home page to get a flavour of what's going on this month in #NorthQuadra.

We are a registered BC Society; a non-profit community organisation

The North Quadra Community Association (NQCA) is a registered society of British Columbia, and a member of the Saanich Community Association Network (SCAN).

Our constitution describes our "primary purpose... to foster community engagement and to act as the main representative of the North Quadra area residents in dealing with Saanich Council with respect to land use, infrastructure, and other pertinent issues affecting the community of North Quadra or as may be relevant to a broader area of Saanich or the Capital Regional District (CRD)".

The business of the association is led by our Board of Directors who are elected annually by members voting at the AGM (or appointed to fill vacancies). They set the budget and pass the motions.
The operations of the association are adminsitered by the
Executive Officers of the board, under the leadership of the President (who chairs the Executive and the Board).

The President also strikes Committees and appoints their Chairs.

Taken together, the association hopes to improve the quality of life for North Quadra residents and visitors. We support charitable causes and the efforts of other community groups serving in our local area; and we strive to foster and maintain working relationships with Saanich Council and staff, business and service organisations, developers, special interest groups and other community associations for the betterment of our community. We advocate for residents on land use and development proposals, trying to reflect representative and diverse views. We review proposals to ascertain congruence with the OCP (Official Community Plan), our Local Area Plan (woefully outdated though it may be) and other local government guiding documents; while seeking fair and appropriate design features and community amenities. We endeavour to conserve and protect parklands, natural and recreational areas; and promote enhanced mobility options, such as alternate modes of travel by supporting infrastructure improvements like sidewalks, cycle paths and public transit. We often present views on municipal, regional and provincial issues that are of common concerns to North Quadra local area residents.

Board of Directors

Previously known (and cited in our Bylaws) as the "Exec Committee", the NQCA Board is comprised of up to 20 Directors (usually: 5 executive officers + 15 director-at-large). They meet regularly throughout the year, often inviting members, the public and guest presenters to attend.

Meetings are usually chaired by the President, who builds the agenda in collaboration with board directors, committees, and with input from the community.

The NQCA Board is also often asked by the District of Saanich for formal resolutions of support or concern regarding local land-use referrals, for issues such as development proposals.

Become familiar with our leaders below.


Committees are struck by the President, and tasks (such as chairing) delegated to directors and other community volunteers, in order to support initiatives such as "Music in the Park", "Saanich Planning referrals", and other issues, events, concerns, etc. - e.g. corresponding with stakeholders, delivering newsletters, coordinating communications, etc.

> Land Use Committee

> Chaired by our Past-President Haji Charania. Generally LUC meets on the 4th Thursday of each month. LandUse@NorthQuadra.ca

> Events Committees

> Lauraine Derman leads our planning committee for Music In The Park.

> Trevor Barry leads - and is recruiting - folks for May 15th "North Quadra Community Day"

> Newsletter Committee

> Seeking volunteers

Executive Officers 2021/2022

Trevor Barry


Haji Charania


Michael Moore

Vice President

Evelyn Woodward




Amy Tuecher



Lauraine Derman, Mary Beaumont, Nick Holloway, Julia Loreth, Sharon Leonard, Jonathan Mark, Harjas Popli, Tally Singh, Graeme Weir, Bob Wicks, Harald Wolf, Mark Zuehlke.

Land Use Committee

Haji Charania (Chair), Trevor Barry (Secretary), Lauraine Derman, Mary Beaumont, Nick Holloway, Julia Loreth, Jonathan Mark, Michael Moore, Tally Singh, Amy Teucher, Graeme Weir, Evelyn Woodward, Harald Wolf, Mark Zuehlke.